3 FT Teddy Bear

Has there ever been a time in your life when you wondered when you will meet “the one”? Did you think to yourself “ I know you’re out there,  what are you doing now, when and where will we meet”? 

Having experienced this “wondering” on more than one occasion myself, the initial story and melody for this song came pretty quickly. When I thought it was finished (lol),  I took it to an NSAI (Nashville Songwriters Association International) workshop for some critique. What is cool about going to these workshops is that you get critiques from hit songwriters who have written one or many of your favorite songs you may still listen to! I left the workshop with two ideas to incorporate: more bear and find a setting for the story that people can relate to. I re-wrote the song to incorporate these ideas. 

Songwriting is an interesting process. Sometimes the song unfolds in unexpected ways, taking you places you didn’t plan on going. It’s almost as if the song takes on a life and direction of its own and pulls you into the story as if someone else had written it! That is what happened with this song as it continued to take shape. 

I sang this song almost every time I played out and people really seemed to like both the story and the melody of the song. I thought it was finished! Not so fast. 

I wrote the song from the perspective of both the man and the woman in the story. It worked great in my head. A year or so ago, I was playing some songs for my friend who used to be a staff writer at one of the big labels and was tutored by one of my favorite writers. I sang the first line of the song and she said “Stop. That’s a hit song!” I said, “Thanks, but I’d really like you to hear the rest of the story”. After I played the song through for her, she said, “I’d really like to continue to hear the perspective of the man in the second verse”. No one had ever suggested that to me before! I accepted the challenge and easily wrote a new second verse that evening, keeping the man’s perspective through the entire song. I played it for a few folks who where very familiar with (and fond of) the original version. Their response….. they liked it! 

And that’s the story behind the song 3 FT Teddy Bear.




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