Rest Of My Life With You

This is a song about how my wife Sadie and I got together. I love telling this story because it’s the kind of “finding your soul mate” that you read about in a book or see in a movie! LOL 

We consider the “real” day we met to be Dec 17, although we had be introduced in passing by a mutual friend 9 months earlier. 

I ended up taking a class that Sadie was giving called “Finding Your Voice”. What happened after the class is what we like to refer to as our 12 hour non-date. 

We started talking and really enjoyed the conversation. Long story short, we had lunch around the corner from where the class had been (around 3 pm), went downtown Nashville that night to hear a friend of mine play (10 pm), then went looking for coffee. We ended up back to her place drinking coffee and tea and playing songs for each other until 2 am. (When I wrote the song I changed it to 3 am because it works better with the rhyme scheme of the song.) At the time, hanging out with Sadie felt like spending time with a friend I’ve known for a very long time. There was a comfort level that we didn’t question, we just rolled with it. 

She helped me pick out a Christmas tree (which seemed a bit odd at the time), came to one of my gigs, went home for Christmas for 8 days, we talked on the phone, she returned to Nashville and that was it! I met her at the airport, single red rose in hand. We had our first kiss and the rest, as they say, is history.


And that is The Story Behind The Song: Rest Of My Life With You

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