One Drop Of Water

One Drop Of Water is a song which is an attempt to express something I experienced from some kind words spoken to me one afternoon while rehearsing harmonies with a friend I was performing with.  All she said was “that sounds really good”. It wasn’t so much what she said as it was how she said it. There was a kindness in her voice that shot straight through me, in a good way. I  paused, wondering what had just happened, a bit puzzled by what I was feeling. Whatever it was, it felt good, comforting on a number of levels, but in that moment I couldn’t quite put my finger on. 

One Sunday morning, I got up to write, as I often did. As I thought back on that experience, I searched for some chords on my guitar that at least came close to what I was feeling that day. What happened next, well… is what happens to songwriters; the song wrote itself! The story seemed to be completely made up but could also have been describing an experience I had in the past, going back and forth, trying to trust someone with my heart again after a break up, expected or otherwise. If that was the case, there was no conscious association while writing the song! Perhaps I was just trying to paint a picture of a scenario that people might find easier to relate to than someone saying, “that sounds really good”. 

I guess the song really speaks more to the moments we feel brave enough to take that leap of faith and hope our instincts are correct. It also speaks to a fundamental need we all have to trust at least one person in our life enough that we can share anything with them without feeling judged. 

There was one thing I did on purpose when writing the song. I wrote the first line of the chorus with few words leaving lots of room for vocal harmonies. I love singing harmony, so I added two of the three harmonies myself. I left the high harmony to my wife! Thanks Mrs. Honeybun! 😉

And that's the story behind One Drop Of Water.

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